Video: Does it Matter Which Project Management Tool I Use?

Is there a project management tool I’m not using that I should know about? Which is better? Digital or analog? Should I care? Check out the video below for some stealthy project management tips and tricks! For more video updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Tool Review: Bridge24 for Trello

Trello is one of my favorite productivity tools—I use this free Kanban board application to track progress against my goals. So, when I came upon an application that advertises itself as an analytical extender for Trello, I had to test it out. Here is my review of Bridge24 for Trello.

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What to Do When You Get a New Project

When you inherit something midstream and need to get up to speed quickly, it can be challenging to ascertain what you need to do first. What’s worth learning (and doing) immediately? What can wait? Here are some things PMs should consider when taking the reins on a new project opportunity.

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Project Management Tools Tell All

By popular request, this post describes some of the tools that I use to manage my personal projects. I could happily exist on a desert island as long as I had Internet and the following apps.

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How to be Productive without Meditation

You can’t go a week these days without finding an article extolling the benefits of meditation. You know it’s supposed to be good for you, but that 21-day meditation challenge appeared to leave zero impact on your daily mindfulness. What gives? Here are some other ways to unlock the benefits of meditation.

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