Video: Does it Matter Which Project Management Tool I Use?

Is there a project management tool I’m not using that I should know about? Which is better? Digital or analog? Should I care? Check out the video below for some stealthy project management tips and tricks! For more video updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

How to Deal with a Difficult Sponsor

Project managers have to be well-versed in dealing with people. And, since we spend so much of our careers working with others, the odds practically dictate that we will have encountered a difficult stakeholder on one of our projects. But what happens if the stakeholder problem child is the one leading your project?

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Tool Review: Bridge24 for Trello

Trello is one of my favorite productivity tools—I use this free Kanban board application to track progress against my goals. So, when I came upon an application that advertises itself as an analytical extender for Trello, I had to test it out. Here is my review of Bridge24 for Trello.

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Writing a Personal Mission Statement

I had always struggled to write a personal mission statement because I wasn’t clear how authoring such a statement would be useful in navigating my career path. I saw the urgency a few weeks ago while navigating a minor career “crisis” of my own. Below are some guidelines for writing a personal mission statement.

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